Fluorotechnics Products

The company has focused on the development of research tools that are mainly used in Proteomics and Cellulomics. Fluorotechnics technology is also being applied to enzyme assays and to diagnostics.
Products include:
1. LavaPurple – A fluorescent protein gel stain for 1 and 2D gels
2. LavaPurple – A fluorescent protein blot stain
3. LavaPep – A fluorescent peptide quantification kit
4. LavaCell – A fluorescent stain for live cell imaging
5. LavaDigest – A fluorescence based kit for monitoring proteolytic digests.

Fluorotechnics kits are:
• The most sensitive kits available for detecting proteins and peptides in gels, blots or cells.
• Simple and quick to use.
• Compatible with all downstream analysis (e.g. mass spectrometry)
• Provide quantification of over a wide dynamic range.
• Both safe to use and simple to dispose of.