LavaPep™ Peptide Quantification Kit

LavaPep is designed for the accurate and sensitive determination of peptides.

LavaPep is based on Fluorotechnics proprietary fluorophore epicocconone which fluoresces intensely red on binding to proteins (Coghlan et al, 2005). Binding is reversible rendering stained peptide completely amenable to mass spectrometry, N-term sequencing and to functional assays.

LavaPep is robust to substances that inhibit most peptide assays and is particularly suited to proteomic applications where downstream MS-compatibility is important. LavaPep provides the accuracy of AAA for peptide quantification at a fraction of the cost.

Product Features

    • Sensitive, enabling as little as 100 ng/mL peptide to be accurately quantified
    • Wide range of convenient assay volumes: 100 µL – 3 mL
    • Wide dynamic range, over 3-orders of magnitude
    • Easy, simply mix 1 part working solution with 1 part of sample
    • Quick – data can be read within 60 mins
    • Assay is robust to interfering compounds such as DNA and solubilisation reagents used in 1-D and 2-DGE sample preparation
    • Signal is not affected by light or temperature and remains stable for up to 6 hours
    • Time-consuming heating and reduction steps of peptide are not required
    • The kit is free of strong solvents and acids
    • The kit is designed for use in a wide range of fluorescence measuring instruments
    • Peptides are not precipitated or denatured and can be used in subsequent assays
    • Ideal for high throughput

LavaPep Peptide Quantification Kit Flyer (371K)


LavaPep can be ordered directly from Fluorotechnics via our contact page.


LavaPep Peptide Quantification Kit Protocol(215K)

Interfering Compounds

LavaPep Peptide Quantification Kit Interfering Compounds (66K)

Application Notes

LavaPep Peptide Application Notes (392K)


New Technology for Protein and Peptide Quantification (122K)

Spectral Characteristics of Epicocconone (122K)


LavaPep Peptide Quantification Kit MSDS (140K)

Product Support

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