Lavadigest™ Protease Monitoring Kit

Product Features

  • LavaDigest is a simple assay that provides real-time monitoring of proteolysis in solution.
  • Monitoring proteolysis is important in many areas ranging from digestibility studies in the food industry to ensuring complete protein digestion prior to MS analysis in proteomics.
  • LavaDigest is ideal for all situations where a simple and reliable method to monitor proteolysis is required.  It is particularly well suited to high throughput applications.
  • LavaDigest does not modify proteins during their analysis enabling subsequent down-stream analysis by MS, HPLC, immuno-staining, etc.
  • LavaDigest is ideal for quantitative proteomics where ensuring complete digestion is essential.
  • Protocols are simple and quick and the required buffers are included in the kit.
  • LavaDigest is a biodegradable natural product that is safe to use and environmentally friendly.

LavaDigest Protease Monitoring Kit Flyer (928K)


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LavaDigest Protease Monitoring Kit Protocol (187K)

Interfering Compounds

LavaDigest – Interfering Compounds (19K)


Spectral Characteristics of Epicocconone (122K)


LavaDigest Protease Monitoring Kit MSDS (88K)

Product Support

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