Lavacell™ Live Imaging Stain

LavaCell is a long Stokes’ shift fluorescent stain that is particularly well suited to live cell imaging and multiplex applications. LavaCell does not fluoresce until it interacts with proteins thus negating the requirement to remove excess stain before imaging.

Product Features


  • Is a water soluble fluorescent cell stain
  • Becomes fluorescent on interaction with proteins in the cell which enables cells to be stained without need to wash away unbound stain
  • Is a small (mw 410), neutral molecule to which readily permeates into cells
  • Does not affect cell growth rate or viability which makes it suitable for live cell imaging
  • Is ideal for multiplexing with other fluorophores due to long Stokes’ shift

LavaCell Live Imaging Stain Flyer (1505K)

Suitable for Live and Fixed Cell Imaging

Live Cells Fixed Cells

LavaCell is simple to use and is suitable for both live cell and fixed cell imaging.

Multiplexing with other Fluorescent Stains

HCT cells dual stained with LavaCell and
Hoechst™ 33342
HCT cells dual stained with LavaCell and SYTOX™

The long Stokes’ shift of LavaCell means it is particularly suited to multiplexing with other fluorescent stains

Reaction of LavaCell with proteins<


LavaCell fluorescent stain can be ordered directly from Fluorotechnics via our contact page.

Application Notes

Yeast cell viability (186kb)

Mammalian cell staining (321kb)


Spectral Characteristics of Epicocconone (122K)


LavaCell Live Imaging Stain MSDS (LC-011001) (76kb)

LavaCell Live Imaging Stain MSDS (LC-011002) (76kb)

Product Support

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